Bentinck Packers will custom process your hunted game into your choice of sausage, summer sausage or pepperoni just to mention a few options. All hunted game is processed for customer use only and not for resale.

Game animals usually get more exercise, so the meat is learner, lower in total fat and saturated fat, and also lower in calories than its domestic counterparts. Because game has a more varied diet than domestic animals, they usually have more omega-3 fatty acids in addition to iron and B vitamins.

Game is low in cholesterol and high in protein, which makes it one of the healthiest meats available today, and a proven heart-healthy choice.

Note: The fat content should be removed before cooking as it contains a slightly stronger taste. For maximum tenderness, cook slowly—either braise in liquid or roast and baste frequently with olive oil or other polyunsaturated cooking oil.