Great Nutrition…

Fat provides taste in food and an oil-rich texture. It supports the production of essential hormones and the uptake of vitamins in the human body. Lamb contains slightly more fat than beef. Lamb meat is a source of protein that is rich and balanced in essential amino acids.


Fat provides energy. It is one of the basic elements of body cells. It enables the production of hormones and the uptake of vitamins A, D, E and K into the body. Certain fats (Omega-3, for example) cannot be produced by the body. Therefore, these types of fat have to be absorbed from the food you eat.


The Right Amount of Fat…

A good quality lamb will have a nice fat finish, which not only adds flavour to the lean meat but can also be a healthy part of a balanced diet – in the right amount. Removing excess fat can reduce the amount of saturated fat by half while still maintaining lamb’s unique taste. This is because stearic acid accounts for almost one third of the total saturated fatty acids contained in lamb meat. Contrary to the majority of saturated fats, stearic acid can lead to an increase of good cholesterol and has no impact on the level of bad cholesterol.


Cooking food in a non-stick pan, on the grill or in the oven are good choices for people trying to reduce the level of fat in their diet. The leg, the rack (ribs) and the loin (back) are the leanest cuts of lamb.


Food Fact 1:

Less is more… How much you eat is just as important in a healthy diet as what you eat. Lamb cuts are smaller than other meats providing you with just the right- sized portion of meat for a healthy lifestyle.


Food Fact 2:

Lamb - a healthy alternative... Lamb is good source of iron and vitamins. Lamb meat is a source of protein that is rich and balanced in essential amino acids. It is particularly rich in vitamin B-12, and in niacin, zinc and iron, and only one-third of the fat in lamb is saturated, which makes it easier to remove excess fat before cooking.


Food Fact 3:

Supports Canadian farmers… Buying local lamb is a tangible way of supporting the 13,500 Canadian family sheep farms, and the overall agricultural industry.


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