Canadian Beef is a naturally nutrient-rich powerhouse:

  • Protein: essential for growth; helps curb hunger

  • Iron: iron in beef can be quickly and easily absorbed

  • Magnesium: important for making bones and for energy metabolism

  • Phosphorus: build and maintain bones and teeth

  • Potassium: helps regulate blood pressure

  • Selenium: important antioxidant

  • Zinc: supports a healthy immune system

  • Niacin: crucial for energy production

  • Pantothenate: helps your body use energy from foods

  • Riboflavin: needed to release energy from foods

  • Thiamine: helps your body use energy from carbohydrates

  • Vitamin B6: protein metabolism and energy production

  • Vitamin B12: generates new cells and maintains nerve cells, crucial for early development and health aging

  • Vitamin D: helps to absorb calcium


Food Fact 1:

Whether you choose to buy Extra Lean, Lean, Medium or Regular Ground Beef, the same guidelines for maximum fat content apply to all ground meats. So, lean and extra lean ground beef have the same maximum fat content as lean and extra lean ground chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or veal.


Food Fact 2:

Beef is one of nature's richest sources of iron. A 100 gram serving of lean beef provides almost four times as much iron as a cup of raw spinach.


Food Fact 3:

Beef can help you succeed in taking a healthier approach to your children’s meal plan. Lean beef, including lean ground beef, are nutrient-packed and deliver 14 essential nutrients, including iron and high quality protein, which are required for healthy growth and development.

Beef Cuts:

Beef Cuts


Canadian Beef

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